Rainy Day Posts

Get your coffee and blanket. Now you can read.

What is this place?

So, this is a blog site called Rainy Day Posts. I am called Rainy Day, and I run the site. I try my hand at many different types of writing, but my favorite genre is horror. You will see a lot of that here. If you don’t like that kind, I will also be posting drama stories that are equipped to entertain you too.

I suggest that you read these stories on a cloudy or “Rainy” day. That is when they will have the most effect on you. Please don’t be afraid to leave a comment on what I need to improve on.


Also, if you have a true horror story that you want to share, please feel free to type it up and send it to my email. I will not except fiction, seeing how I already have that here, and that should be yours, and not mine to write out.