So, as you people might know, a while ago I deleted all of my old posts and left this blog. I’m not fully sure why, but about a week ago I started writing another short story. I had forgotten how much I liked doing this, so I decided to read over it, then make it better. I kept doing this for a while, now today I decided that when it is finished, I shall posted on this blog.

What happened while I was gone:

While I was gone, I focused more on my film making. We started a youtube channel and are trying to make one sketch every week, and every now and then make a dramatic short film. Ill add the link to it if you guys are interested


This last week we had to cancel filming, so I focused on my horror writing.


Long term plans for this blog:

So, I have spent the last few years of my life writing horror stories. All of these were short stories and a few short films for my film group. Last year we filmed our first horror short film. Not to sound prideful, but it turned out rather well.

But recently I have come up with an idea for a longer story. Those of you who have been with this blog for a while might know that I was writing a horror novel and posting it chapter by chapter here. But I lost that, and now I have to start over. This story that I am writing now is different, but will be better. If you guys want me to also write the other one again, I’ll see what I can do.


So, in conclusion, thank you all for reading this. Over the next few months I will post once a week here, where I will keep you all updated on my writing and filming.