So, you might know that all of my stories are based on some sort of real life happenings. I tend to draw from my experiences as best I can, then fictionalizes them to conduct a paper story. This post will tell a little about the writing process for my last story, and what it was based on.

*note* If you have not read the story, please do so. This will make the following make more sense.

And Then, Static.


For this story, as you know, it takes on the story of two young boys, who live in the late 90s. The two use walkie talkies to communicate across their street. One of the boys loses his and someone (or something) finds it and begins to stock the two.


Now, this Idea has been used in a lot of horror. Someone has a phone or such, and the killer uses that against them. But, needless to say, I mostly drew from personal life to come up with ideas for this story. The main plot was straight from my mind, but the concept was from life. Growing up mostly in the country, my friends and I would play games of tag, Air soft, and Hide & Seek all across our property. This caused communication to be a problem, when playing a team game . So, for my birthday one year, my grandparents got me some walkie-talkies. Soon after another one of my friends got a pair as well. This made enough to go around. But we soon learned that you could use the channel changer to listen in on the other teams conversations, so the concept ended quickly. But we still used them for fun every now and then. I remember we learned that if you pressed the call button it would make a loud beeb sound on the receiving walkie. So being a genius, I used this when I was playing hide and seek, I would give one to the other person (or slip it into their pocket) and let them hide. But if I could not find them, I just kept pressing the button.

Years later, out of all of the friends, I was the only one left with a walkie-talkie. I didn’t know I had it, and finding it in my room was amazing. I only had one friend left from that group and I told him about it. By this time, I could use a phone, so it was rather pointless. I decided to see if I could fix it. (As a pet project) It only took a quick switch of the old rechargeable batteries, and presto! It worked. (Sort of. it would die after a few minutes of use) One day when I was really board, I tried to see if I could change the channels and talk to someone. Of course that never worked. The odds of someone else living near me using a walkie at the exact same time was unlikely.


Now, few weeks ago I got the idea for the antagonist of our story. Mister bad (not real name) was based off of a phone call I had. I was applying for a job at a local restaurant a while back, but never got a reply. In the end I forgot all about applying there, seeing as I had moved on to other work, when I got a text from this place. I thought that was odd, but maybe it was something I had requested on my application instead of them calling me. I didn’t want to answer the number, seeing as I didn’t need it, but eventually I go another text from them saying that time was running out. Now, the odd jobs that I had at the time were doing alright, but what if I needed something more reliable. I tend to get nervous when I am but under the gun, so I called them. I sat waiting for someone to answer and when they did I heard nothing. I expected for someone to say hello or something, but I got nothing but quite. In the end I called out for someone to answer. They did, but it was not the restaurant. Instead it sounded like someone breathing. I was put off by this, and thought it must have been a really bad reception or they had there phone in the kitchen. Then I heard was still creeps me out to this day. It was the sound of a baby screaming, then another, and another. I tried to call out to whoever it was, but none would respond. It was just the sound of wind in the phone, and the whales of children. That was when I hung up. Being home alone I closed the blinds and locked the doors. (I watch horror movies! I know how this goes down.) But I didn’t hear from them. Well, not until about a week ago. The same text cam through. I didn’t call it.



Thank you for reading the Behind story to “And Then, Static.” The story took some time to write, and that ending took about a week to perfect. I still think it sucks. Over the course of this week I will writing a chapter in my new book, which I will try and post next Friday. Until then leave your comments down below and I will respond to them! God bless!