*Note* To protect the real people in this post (due to the fact that it is based on my real life) the names and places have been changed/negated.


Don’t forget to read the story before reading this. — Don’t Leave: PART 1

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So, this last story was really hard to write. Have you ever had that moment when you get the idea for a great tale, but when you sit down to write it you just wonder how you ever typed in your life. That was me over this last week. The meat of the story came easy, but those first few pages were hell. Anyway, thank you all for your support! I saw every like, and comment you guys left.

As you all should know by now, I try and base all of my stories off of some sort of real life event that me, my family, or my friends experienced. This one involved the closest I have ever been to being “killed” by what I have known to call a freaking psychopath! I look back on it now, and find it as some empty threats, mixed with real danger from a friend of a friend.

Now, I’ll call my friend Bob, for his safety. I’ll call the “psychopath,” Norman. (See what I did there.) Now, at this time in my life, I was just out of high school. Pretty green to the world, but that meant that most of my friends were still in. So, most of my day were conducted around their schedules. I spent a lot of time alone writing. At one point, my friend Bob came to me to tell me that he had done some stupid stuff with a friend from his church or something. I remember meeting this friend, and he seemed like a nice guy. A little immature, but still “OK.” His name was Norman. I asked Bob what he had done, and basically he had just played with some drugs and crap. He didn’t take them more than once, but he was still not ok with that. He told me that he got them from Norman, who DID do drugs, among other things which will not be spoken about on here. In the end I told Bob that he should stop seeing Norman for a while. He agreed and, while I was home alone, Bob called Norman to tell him.

Now, this is where things get dicy. Bob, new things about Norman that could “ruin his life.” I first thought the kid was just afraid that Bob would tell on him about his drug habit. But Bob told me some more things that he new, and I was convinced, he could ruin some things about his life. Bob further told me that Norman had said that he would kill him if he ever told anyone. Now, I was just thinking, “Empty threats.” Most people would think that. But Bob assured me that he had seen Norman go off on other people. Not one to be messed with. He was very easy to anger, and not a bad fighter when it came down to it. Thew some events, Norman found out that Bob had told me, and called me. I, being a very good lier, and (As a bad habit at the time) manipulator, tricked Norman into thinking I had nothing on him. Word got out to a few of our friends (Who weren’t the best of citizens) and they asked us if they should… do stuff to him. We told them know, but in the end Bob, Norman, and I found ourself on a group call with one of our friends who may or may not have been a drug dealer. He basically called it off. Norman still threatened to kill Bob and myself if we ever told anyone… but I have never been good at following threats. So, I wrote a short story based on the event, and then typed this up. I’m sure people have lived through WAY worse than this, but to me, it was the strangest thing I have ever heard of.

Now, the character of Lucas in the story was based of of someone else that I knew. I gave him more Sociopathic personality. But in the original plot, Lucas was going to come to the house in the end to try and kill Noah, kind of like Norman. The idea of the bathroom scene is based on real things that happen to people in this age. A lot o f people are verbally/physically bullied. The characters of Lucas and Noah are both spectrums. I don’t want people to read this and think, “Oh crap! I have a quite kid at my school. He must be crazy!” That is not true most of the time. Remember, that the story was fiction, and must be dealt with as so. Reach out to people who seem quite, and reclusive. You don’t know their story until you do. A lot of people feel with verbal/physical abuse these days. It could come from their school, their “friends,” or even their home.

Stay safe people. Feel free to leave your comments down below, and I will answer them. Thanks for reading!

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