*NOTE* There were two posts made this week. Detective Shane Brian: #1 (Which no-one read, due to the fact that it was the first) And Paper Face: Chapter 2. GO read them before reading this post. It will help them make much more sense.


So, I know you guys didn’t read the posts after I just told you t, so I am giving you a second chance to make it right with me. GO READ THEM!

Now that you probably still haven’t read them, let’s get into the post!


Why did I write Detective Shane Brian: #1? Well, I like the idea of detective stories, that are short but serialized. I will be posting his stories for as long as this blog is running. I suggest you read them as they are posted. You might notice something interesting.

Why did I write Paper Face: Chapter 2? That one might take a bit longer to tell, but I’ll keep it short. As you might have guest, paper face made his first appearance yesterday. I hope you are afraid of him.

In the last chapter, we set up the world our heroes live in, and what they are going to be doing this Halloween. This type of cliche is something I love. Having you’re stupid teenagers doing something stupid. It just let’s you know they were meant to be in this story.

You probably don’t know this, but Paper Face wasn’t supposed to be in this story. Originally the bad guy was a normal type of killer, but he covered his face with a white piece of paper. During that time, the killer hadn’t really gotten a name. (I was probably going to call him killer number one, and them forget to fix the name before posting it.) The killer was also a totally different guy actually. Almost totally different backstory and reasons for being there.

The real character, Paper Face, was meant to be in a totally different horror story. He was someone who was just, totally messed up. I decided to make the backstory to this series, a backstory book that I will probably be writing later. (Can’t tell yet. I have a lot going on, and making two posts every week is kind of hard for me to do. My film group is currently working on a short film, and making weekly sketches. I also have work on top of that, and normal life tasks.)

I will keep posting as much as I can though. If you guys have questions about where the stories are heading, leave your comments bellow. Thanks for reading!


Detective Shane Brian: #1

Paper Face: Chapter 2