Wow… I haven’t written one of these in a while. If you want to read the story, here it is – Double Goer

Freaking read it before you read this. (This is the story of how how/why I wrote it)


So, double goer was written in a different format than my other stories. It consists of a reporter telling the story through letters he has found/received.

The plot is about a man who (through the letters of his friends) we find out that he is being stalked by his Double Goer. He is asking many people for help, as he runs to the country side to keep his family safe. Eventually the people living around him are also stalked by this man, who they think is the real man (Arnold.) Only a few friends are able to see through this lie, and do their best to help him. But in the end, Arnold is framed for killing his wife, and an out of town detective is the second on the scene. He finds that Arnold is not the killer. But to his downfall searches the house, leaving Arnold to be killed by the Double Goer. The detective tries to catch this mysterious man, but before he can get good look at him, the man gets his head crushed by a wagon, leaving the story up to the reader to decided if the Double Goer was real, or just a normal man.

I really hope you guys enjoyed that story. I wrote it a few months ago, and only showed it to one person. Honestly, I think it is one of my scariest stories. Not because of the fear of demons, or killers. Here is why I think it is freaky.

A few months ago, I was talking to my 1st Assistant Director, and I asked him this: “If I was replaced by my doppelgänger, (Like, you would never be able to tell us apart, and it would not make any difference in the long run, because he would basically be me, and I’ve life how I would have) What would you do?” He told me that he didn’t know. Because I was no different than the other one, and we were both human beings.

I find it scary when you are put in a situation where not even your friends know what has happened. None of my friends would have believed that I was being replaced by someone who was me.

I think that those kind of things happen on a daily bases for most of us. Weather it is through addictions, depression, loss, Etc. We can all go though those things. Maybe I wrote this story to tell people, that no matter what is wrong, reach out to someone.

Or maybe it is just another story I wrote to scare you guys. Again, it is up to the reader.

Love you guys!



Also, shout out to my other writing buddies (who I don’t really know, other than from their blogs!!!)

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I’ll try to write a bit more often, but I have had my hands full with film work.