Alright. So, I don’t know if I told you guys before, but I currently work in film. I mostly do narrative stuff like short films, but I have recently been doing a lot of corporate/commercial style work. Honestly, it has been a hard road to leave the narrative stuff behind. But I was recently able to make a dramatic short film called Magic Hour. It had no budget, and literally a two man crew. (one of them was me) It turned out pretty good, and a lot of people liked it. One of the actors I had hired on really liked my writing style, and told me that he also wrote plays. I was flattered by this, and told him that we were planning to make another horror short later this year, and would try to have a budget. Maybe even in the future we might make an indie feature film. I told him that he did such a good job on this film, that if he wanted to audition for a role in the next one, he could just have it.

*NOTE* This was literally like fifteen minutes before our car crash story. (If you haven’t read that here is the link – End of a Production & and a Crash

So while I was sitting around the house for the next few days, I got a message from him. He asked me how the story for the feature film was going. I was confused by this, and realized that he thought we already had the script going. I didn’t want to seem like a guy who wasn’t taking the next step, so I told him, “If you want I’ll give you the idea of a movie, and you take that idea and write me a script. When you have your first draft, let me know, and I’ll get the group together to work on it.”

So, a few weeks later I had to leave the country for a few months, for some film projects in Israel. I kept in contact with him, but didn’t count it on the top of my list. It told my co-worker Austin (The guy in the car crash with me) and he liked the idea of this, and told me that he would love to work on it when I got back home. So, I got to Israel about two weeks ago, and on the end of my first week, I got the script.

Currently we are working on revising it, and won’t be done with that, until the end of July, but I will keep you all updated, and would greatly appreciate help promoting it. Since it will be an Indie film, we will have to raise the audience ourselves. So if you want, use the hashtag #Truculent (Which is the name of the script)

I will give more details on the plot, and the preproduction as the weeks go by. I will also try to write more fiction on here, during my free time.

Thanks for reading! Stay safe!